achievements 2012 & 2011

York Popham accepted into the Royal Winnepeg Ballet School
Rachael Williamson accepted into the Auckland Youth Ballet Company
Laura Watkin, Stephanie Cullen, Caity Hosking, Minori Ngai, Tiffany Booker, Kate Vos successfully gained their Solo Performance Diploma in Contemporary Dance
Laura Watkin, Stephanie Cullen, Caity Hosking and Jag Popham nominated for the NZAMD Scholarship Weekend for Contemporary Dance
Jag Popham 3rd in Contemporary Dance. Winner of the Okareka Contemporary Dance Seminar scholarship
Georgia Te Brake accepted into DanceWorld Australia

Antonia MacAuley (past pupil) graduated from the Royal Ballet School England. Accepted into Bayerisches Staatsballett Dance Company
York Popham accepted into National College of Dance Australia
Chesna Barry accepted into Ministry of Dance Australia
Georgia Te Brake and Laura Watkin nominated for the NZAMD nationals for Contemporary

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